Retroreflective material RT

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Retroreflective tape RT-5100, RT reflective sheeting 5100 is the ultimate tool in organising road safety, road signs production, the designation of protruding objects, dangerous areas, uneven surfaces, Parking bollards, contour marking, artificial road roughness, long life operation exceeding normotivnye requirements, guarantees exlpoitation of products from reflective films RT 5100 a period of not less as set in the requirements of the state outdoor advertising reflective, road signs, applique, vinyl cutting, plotter cutting reflective film, reflective stickers film stickers reflective films.


Raquel RT

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Specifications Raquel RT. Application: a Tool for applying reflective films, tint film and other films, Wallpaper, smooth roll materials. Size: 12.5 cm x 8cm. Available colors: Blue. Working area: PE\fabric.